Dental Implants 

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Dental Implants 

A Permanent Solution To Broken, Damaged or Missing Teeth

There are many reasons why people are not suited to, or aren’t comfortable with, a denture or bridge to replace their missing teeth.

At North Hill Dental our team is highly trained in a variety of implant treatments that give you a strong, long-lasting and easy-to-care-for tooth replacement solution.

These implants are incredibly natural looking and can greatly improve your appearance, your confidence and your quality of life. Implants can replace either a single missing tooth, more than one or an entire set.

What Is An Implant?


The benefits of dental implants 

Although having an implant put in place involves a relatively minor surgical procedure and takes time and patience, they offer many benefits including:

A more natural smile

Improved quality of life

A lifetime of service with proper care

Freedom to eat what you want compared to dentures and bridges

Simple to care for

A proven solution to missing teeth

Value for money- Compared to long-term costs of other restorative work, implants can actually be less expensive

A Range of Implant Solutions

At North Hill Dental we offer a range of implant treatments.

Whether you’ve recently lost a tooth or you have dentures or a bridge now, isn’t it time to see how a dental implant could improve your smile?
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Dental Implant

single dental implant

Dental Implants

multiple dental implant

Implant Retained

implant retained denture

Teeth In A Day
All On 4

teeth in a day all on 4

Your Dental Implant Journey

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Step 1

Arrange your consultation

You can book your consultation online via our website or alternatively contact our reception team who will be happy to help. During the initial visit, your dentist will help you decide the best treatment options specifically for your teeth, we will also answer any questions you may have before you start your journey.

Step 2

Making Your Decision

After your consultation and you have decided to go ahead with treatment a detailed letter will be sent out to you with your options, fees and treatment time.

Our reception team will then arrange your appointments.

Step 3

Start Of Your Treatment

At this visit, you will be given a local anaesthetic, we will remove any teeth and place the implants during the same procedure. Your treatment will take place in one of our surgeries in sterile conditions. During this stage you may or may not have a temporary tooth fitted.

Step 4

Uncovering The Implant

After approximately 2-3 months you will return to the practice once the bone has healed. At this stage using local anaesthetic we will uncover the implant, which is a simple surgical procedure. A metallic dome called a healing cap will then be fitted. After a couple of weeks and once the gum has healed around the healing cap we will arrange an appointment to take impressions after a couple of weeks you will be fitted with your new teeth!


Review And Aftercare

Two weeks after fitting you with your new implants, we will review how you are getting on and continue to see you for regular visits.


Now you can enjoy your smile!

Smile now
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