Porcelain Veneers

Would you like a beautiful Hollywood smile, why not visit North Hill Dental for a consultation to discuss about veneers. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain, ceramic or composite bonding material made to fit over the front surface of a tooth, like a false fingernail fits over a nail.

Why choose veneers?

Sometimes teeth whitening may not be able to give you the perfect shade you are after or stubborn stains may not get removed through bleaching. Veneers can give you that perfect sparkling white smile you have dreamed of.

Gaps/ Spaces

You may have gaps in your teeth (diastimas) where by orthodontic braces are not a suitable option to bridge the gap. By placing veneers over gaps you can achieve a uniform smile again.

Damaged teeth

If you have damaged/ broken teeth through sports or injury, wearing down of teeth through persistent grinding or drinking acidic/ carbonated drinks, veneers can help resolve the problem. A porcelain veneer with similar colour and characteristics as your other teeth can be placed over your damaged teeth.

How long will it take?

Veneers will normally take 2 appointments and you can have immediate results within 2 weeks. During your first appointment we will need to prepare your teeth by removing a very thin layer from the front of your teeth under local anaesthetic. We will take an impression of your teeth which we will send to a dental laboratory to prepare your veneers this should take about 2 weeks’ time. Your second appointment will be a fitting appointment where your new veneers will be bonded permanently on to your teeth.

Please note- Veneers are becoming a less popular option due to sometimes having to damage healthy teeth. Some of our patients prefer a more conservative approach to achieve similar results through treatments such as Align, Bleach and Bond (ABB). Please speak to your dentist to find out what may be more suitable.


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